The following testimonials represent a small sample of the positive comments Mike Losey has received for his appearances as a keynote speaker.

"Mike Losey's "Touching Peoples' Lives" presentation was the perfect ending to our three-day HR conference. From laughter to tears and back again, Mike shared stories of the people whose lives he's touched, and who have touched him in return, reminding us of the awesome responsibility and privilege of being in human resources.
Claudia Malone, SPHR
Human Resources Manager
Triad Associates
Kirkland, WA 98034

“Your speech was such an amazing end to our conference, it was truly a gift. I can’t tell you the number of emails and calls I’ve received about the conference and almost all of them have included a statement about how inspired they were by your talk.”
Erin Wendte-Lahren, SPHR
NHRMA Conference Chair

“I don't normally write speaker 'fan mail.' But the high quality of your presentation content -- combined with your platform skills -- made your presentation the high point of a very high quality conference. You were the best closing keynote we have ever had. People in the audience let us know in their feedback that you are exactly the kind of presenter they want to repeat. You offered high quality, up-to-date content and you presented it in an credible, engaging manner.”

— Karl J. Ahlrichs, SPHR
Conference Co-Chair Indiana SHRM State Conference

“ Mike Losey served as Co-Chairman of the 2004 Linkage HR Leaders Summit and contributed significantly to the program's success. He was Master of Ceremonies, gave the opening Keynote presentation and as co-chairman of the program provided important support to the Linkage Program Director. Based on a significant body of research, his presentation on "Tomorrow's HR Management" was an excellent kickoff to the Summit and provided a broad perspective of major trends in human resources. The scope of his presentation was appropriate and very relevant to the diverse audience of senior-level strategic decision makers in attendance. We also appreciated how Mr. Losey was extremely flexible in designing his presentation to best fit the needs of the audience.”

— Rich Rosier
Vice President of Educational Programs, Linkage, Inc.

“It was a real pleasure to not only introduce Mike at our PIHRA Leadership Seminar as the Keynote speaker, but to listen to his presentation. He reached out to all in attendance with information for the HR professional and his personal stories. Mike could have spoken for hours and he would have continued to have our undivided attention. It was a pleasure and I look forward to hearing him on any subject again.

— Sharon Gerber, PHR
2006-7 Executive Board Secretary PIHRA

“As a keynote speaker Mike Losey is a great addition to any conference and will surprise the audience with his knowledge and entertain them with his humor. All of our feedback has been extremely positive regarding Mike's presentation.”

— Ruth Anderson
Programs Chair, 2006 AR SHRM Conference

“Exceptional! Mr. Losey's keynote set the tone for the day and tapped into the learning and development needs of all levels of leadership. He emphasized strategy and planning and got to the core of what can make an HR professional successful. While information is valuable, his solid presence and energy-packed style was priceless. He grabbed the audience's attention...with his words, his actions, and his energy. His smile was contagious and his generous, humble, and kind nature enabled all to warm up to him immediately. I truly felt honored to have had the opportunity to cross paths and learn from him.”

— Holly Phipps Currotto
Board of Directors Member and Director, Chesapeake Human Resources Association Spring Conference

“On behalf of the members and board of the Outdoor Power and Equipment Institute I want to thank you for the thought provoking presentation you made at our annual meeting in Colorado Springs. I haven't talked with anyone who did not come away with an idea and information which they could take back immediately to infuse in their businesses. Thank you, Mike, for helping us hit a grand slam on this event.

— Bill Harley
President & CEO, Outdoor Power and Equipment Institute

“We were very lucky to have Mike Losey for our Keynote Speaker for our first state conference. In the months leading up to the conference Mike could not have been more helpful and supportive. Also, his presentation was outstanding. He has our highest recommendation.”

— Fred B. Grubb, SPHR
Chair 2001 SHRM Vermont State Conference

“Thank you for contributing your knowledge to the CIC Forum. Our goal was to simulate leaders of our profession and you certainly added great value by being a provocative speaker. You brought new information and, although none of us know the future, your insight shed light on the world ahead. We were excited and astonished by your presentation. Your input was most valuable.”

— Michael S. Olsen, CAE
President & CEO, ASAE; CIC Forum Chairman

“ Thanks again for adding so much to our conference. To quote one of the attendees I spoke with your presentation was 'awesome!'”

— Susan L. Burleigh, SPHR
Indiana SHRM State Conference Chair

“All the feedback I got concerning your presentation was great! You are really someone who understands both the theory and the perspectives of the HR people in the trenches. Everybody I spoke to mentioned that. It was a privilege to share the same platform with you. You continue to set the standards for HR leadership -- you communicate our worth and potential as a profession so passionately, so clearly and so well that you inspire us to see it in ourselves. Thank you!”

— Dennis J. Garitan, Ph.D, SPHR
Chair, HR and The Law Conference and Expo; Member, Global HR Council of the AMA

“Mike Losey's passion for the advancement of the HR profession, and the HR professional, were obvious in his outstanding presentation at the 2003 Indiana State Council SHRM Conference. Mike's wisdom and expertise, combined with his humorous presentation style were just the motivation I needed to dig in my heels and start proving the value and importance of HR to business success. My work life will never be the same - how thrilling!

— Ruth A. Jones, SPHR
Assistant Vice President, Owen County State Bank

“Your presentation was fantastic. I've already downloaded it for reference material. Your leadership and guidance of SHRM was admired and respected by all the members and more. Thanks for being that special mentor to thousands of followers."

— Gene Weisheit, SPHR
Human Resources Manager, Central Tower, Inc.

“What Mike Losey has accomplished in his career as an association executive is the envy of CEOs and organization leaders everywhere. We also envy your ability to share these accomplishments in an exceptionally interesting, relevant, and well thought-out manner. You are second to none and bring tremendous pride to the world of public speaking and human resource development. Thank you for sharing your expertise with participants at The Center for Association Leadership. We welcome you back as often as your schedule allows.”

—Susan Sarfati
President & CEO
Greater Washington Society of Association Executives & The Center for Association Leadership

“Having an expert like Mike address 65 association presidents (who are all grappling with human resource issues) was an enormous value. He did an outstanding job in both the general session and roundtable discussion. The only regret I had is that we didn’t have more time for additional dialogue—clearly the group was clamoring for it.”  

— David W. Rohn
Executive Director, National Association of Manufacturers, Association Council

“All I can say is 'INCREDIBLE!' What a phenomenal job you did at our 25th Anniversary State Human Resource Conference. Our members are still talking about your presentation...The energy level, humor, and professionalism you displayed, as always, helped make the Conference our most successful ever.”

— Roy A. Lanz, CCP, SPHR
2002 HR Florida State Conference Chair

“Your message was fantastic and balanced between setting realistic expectations for the CEO and the HR staff. I especially enjoyed your statistics on the workforce trends and what this means for the future.”

— Woody Sanders, SPHR
HR Manager, TEI; President, Shenandoah Valley SHRM

“Michael Losey's presentation was not only entertaining and informative. His experience and knowledge of matters relating to human capital made for an insightful and thought-provoking session. We needed to hear what he had to say. There was no doubt in the room that Michael is an expert in his field. He owned his audience and we loved it.”

— Don Kane
Vice President, Jobnet.com, Inc.

“You were just great. Received a lot of positive comments about your speech and the conference over all. It was truly an honor to have you there.”

— Roger A. Hart
Senior Vice President, Human Resource Management Systems, LLC

“I thought you hit a home run at the ERExpo conference. You did a standout job. Absolutely marvelous! The attendees were fortunate to have such high quality presentations from you and former Secretary Reich.”

— Joyce Lain Kennedy
Syndicated Careers Columnist, Tribune Media Services

“Listening to Mike speak was a highlight of my career. In our lives we meet many people and occasionally we meet someone who touches our life and we feel a little wiser just because we met. Mike’s stories and personal experiences, mixed with his insight and views made his speech an event I will always remember.”

— Donna Davis
President, NOARK Human Resource Management Assoc.

“Michael Losey is one of the most knowledgeable people in the HR field, and a wonderful keynote presenter at the Electronic Recruiting Expo. Not only was he entertaining and motivational, but he brought real substance to the table, giving the audience information and facts that they could take away with them and put to work.”

— David Manaster
President, Electronic Recruiting Exchange

“Your message was on target and very well received by attendees at our Industry Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C. I know it's difficult being the last speaker of any meeting, but your rapid-fire style kept everyone fully engaged until the last minute. I also appreciate your willingness to sit through our entire day's program to ensure that your presentation was tied to the other issues discussed throughout the day.”

— Cynthia D'Angelo
Vice President, National Association of College Stores (NACS)

“You received rave reviews....It is now one week after your speech and my phone is still ringing with words of praise for your presentation. Your style, energy and enthusiasm for the profession shone brightly throughout your speech. We only wish you could have stayed with us for longer than an hour -- it is obvious you have so much to share that we can learn and be inspired from. You have truly made an impression on Jacksonville HR professionals that will remain with us for a long time.”

— Michelle Corse, SPHR
President, SHRM Jacksonville, Fla.

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