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Mike Losey owned for greater than 30 years a classic MG. He drove the car regularly and on occasion has participated in parades, car shows, community and other events. His car was a 1949 MG, Model TC and is one of only 494 out of 10,000 MG TCs manufactured from 1945 to 1949. (Note: The Ford Motor Company manufactures greater than 5,000,000 cars EACH year.). Given these 494 MG’s unique status they were given the special designation of EXU, which indicated they were Export Units..

Although Mike's MG was recently sold this source remains given its vital information.

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For more information on Mike’s MG, see his article on Car 7676.

For more information on the repainting and other restorative work done more recently see this PowerPoint presentation This is a large download, with music so give it sufficient time to download. Then click:

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We have also posted more information on the closing of the famous English MG manufacturing plant at Abingdon, Oxfordshire. Included in this article are the personal reflections of one of Mike Losey’s closest friends, Geoff Armstrong, Retired General Director of the CIPD. The CIPD is the equivalent of the Society for Human Resource Management, SHRM, in the United States. Prior to the CIPD Mr. Armstrong was the senior executive for HR for MG’s parent company, British Leyland, and was involved in the actual closure of Abingdon.


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