Michael Losey, SPHR, CAEHere is a small sample of the positive comments from HR professionals attending seminars by Michael Losey.

  • "Thank you for your instruction and knowledge. Your teaching style and ability to convey the HR body of knowledge certainly gave me the confidence to take the exam. I felt very prepared when I walked into the test center! I could actually still hear your voice when I was reading through the questions."

  • "You really add a lot of value to the SHRM Learning System and were a contributing factor to the way I approached my studies. I even heard your voice several times in my review....I wanted to let you know: I took the SPHR exam yesterday and passed!"

  • "Mike Losey is a brilliant speaker."

  • "Mike Losey was great. His application of his previous experience as to HR today was AWESOME!"

  • "Mike was excellent. He was not only very knowledgeable on the core material but had a wealth of historical knowledge … that made the material fun and interesting."

  • "The instructor's narrative brought the Learning System (book) to life… examples of items being studied combined with his humor will help me remember better."

  • "The Learning System is great, but the instructor-led discussions brought the program into 'real life' and made it fantastic. I feel much more prepared to take and pass the (HR Certification Institute) certification test."

  • "Mike Losey is clear, concise and super smart!!"

  • "Mike Losey was very knowledgeable and was a great speaker. There is an awful lot of content to cover in three days and he did a good job by bringing out the most important points."

  • "Losey has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with students -- a real mentoring spirit."

  • "Mike is an excellent speaker. I greatly appreciated his insight on the test and the material.

  • "Three cheers to Mike Losey. Keep up the excellent work for the benefit of the profession."

  • "Very knowledgeable with a great sense of humor. I am now more confident than ever that I will pass the PHR with flying colors."

  • "He was great. made material exciting."

  • "I can't imagine walking into the exam without taking this course."

  • "At first I was concerned that having one speaker for 3 days straight would get difficult for me to stay focused - but after experiencing the 1st day with Mike Losey -- I couldn't get enough."

  • "Mr. Losey is an excellent speaker. He is animated, energetic and makes sections of the program that are dry interesting and keeps your attention. Most importantly Mr. Losey made the program fun. And I feel attending his lecture will greatly contribute to my success in passing the PHR exam."

  • "I think the speaker was excellent. He related topics to real life events. I felt this helped to really identify what certain topics are truly related. He was very organized and the classes were structured. This helped to keep everyone on track."

  • "Mr. Losey's extensive knowledge of the subject matter and familiarity with the exam was a treasure. I had second thoughts about taking this course because I believe that I could cover the material in the Learning System on my own -- but boy am I glad that I did! I have an incredible grasp now on the overall content and understand much better where I stand and what I should spend my time on."

  • "What a treat to take a prep course taught by Mike Losey!"

  • "Mike is a great presenter. He kept it going by adding class participation, added to each slide he presented, and knew when enough information was delivered. What a valuable course for any Human Resource Professional."

  • "The course covered all significant aspects of HR administration and management. Very well planned, designed and carried out. Mike is a great match to the course. While his credentials are perfect, he created even more over the three days. He was very invested in the learning community, welcomed questions, shared stories, kept a lot of lightness to what has a lot of potential for fidgeting and flight."

  • "Great to have PowerPoint slides (copies distributed) and Mike as the speaker."

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